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Haiden McGill is a creative technologist working at the intersection of business + product development for emerging technology startups, with an emphasis on remote sensing, real-time data visualization, and XR training applications.

Product  Research & Development 
 Agile Product Management 

 Interaction  Design

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Data & Analytics

I develop new products and build teams around them.

Haiden McGill is an innovator working at the intersection of emerging technologies, product R&D, and business development. They got their start in the entertainment industry, which built a foundation of telling impactful and compelling stories. From there, they applied their entertainment technology skills to co-found Noctvrnal, one of few agencies working with spatial audio and interaction design for XR applications. This afforded opportunities that led to award-winning projects, product development, hackathons, consulting, public speaking, and eventually designing and co-teaching two immersive technology courses at the university level.

Within the field of product research and development, they have been drawn towards interdisciplinary solutions that straddle multiple fields. They've built hackathon and early startup teams that have helped hone their skills in agile project management, as well as prioritization, team building, and learning how to fail hard and fail quickly, ultimately building towards a bulletproof backbone of a product or feature. They've naturally gravitated towards utilizing XR technologies for enterprise training solutions, specifically within disaster training or first responder scenarios. They believe these systems will enable us to comfortably navigate a digital overlay of our world, using real time data to optimize response, save lives, and build towards a more responsible and sustainable future.

From here, McGill wants to apply their knowledge and pivot to design interdisciplinary solutions for moonshot problems. Some of their featured projects highlight early explorations and hackathon projects with laurels from AT&T, MIT Media Lab, and USC. 

Past Companies &


Breaking ground in emerging sectors ranging from:

Spatial Audio, to Healthcare Training, to Multisensory Experience Design.

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