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About Me

Haiden McGill never wants to go to the moon.

But designing moonshot solutions to universal challenges within real-time disaster response and climate change? Sign them right up.

McGill began their career crafting immersive stories through film, and went on to apply that framework towards the products and user stories their teams were developing. This passion was further fueled through various collaborations + hackathons, where they naturally gravitated towards utilizing emerging technologies for real-time data visualization applications, specifically within disaster response and first responder scenarios. 

Today, they currently lead the product team at Embodied Labs, an immersive training platform utilizing both virtual reality and interactive web-based experiences to democratize caregiver + healthcare training for more empathic aging in place. 


In 2017, they co-founded Noctvrnal, an XR studio specializing in spatial audio + data-driven installations. Notable exhibitions include: Museum of Design Atlanta (2021), CultureHub LA (2020), ARS Electronica Sound Campus (2020), and MIT Media Lab (2019). 

McGill has also designed and taught university courses in immersive technologies and spatial audio for Chapman University and Orange Coast College. Additionally, they have lectured at CalArts, USC, and CSULA.


Outside of their work, they are an avid backpacker and always willing to trek for a good cup of coffee.



Speaking Engagements

Augmented World Expo (AWE) Nite | April 2021

Hear the Future: Spotlight on Spatial Audio in XR

Game Developer's Conference (GDC) | August 2020

Shifting from Emotion to Function: Auditory UX/UI Practices for XR

Game Sound Con (GSC) | November 2019

Psychoacoustics in the Field: Utilizing Spatial Audio in Virtual & Augmented Reality Training Environments

Digital Hollywood | November 2019

XPrize/Space Medicine/Disaster Medical Challenge


+1 760 585 6007



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